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Hello!! I'm dipping my toe into the exchange waters again because I can't help myself.

Requested fandoms and pairings:
* Olympics RPF (Eliza McCartney/Sandi Morris, Jessica Ennis-Hill/Nafissatou Thiam, Nia Ali/Kristi Castlin/Brianna Rollins, Katie Ledecky/Simone Manuel, Simone Biles/Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles/Simone Manuel)
* LOTR (Éowyn/Original Female Character, Éowyn/Lothíriel)
* Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy Sayers (Harriet Vane/Original Female Character)
* The West Wing (Louise Thornton/OFC, Ronna Beckman/Canonical Unnamed Girlfriend)
* Star Trek: Classic Timeline (All Series) (Amelia Earhart (ST: Voyager)/Kathryn Janeway, Kathryn Janeway/B'Elanna Torres, Nyota Uhura/Enterprise Crewwoman)
* Crossovers – Fandom (C.J. Cregg (West Wing)/Leia Organa (Star Wars), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)/Nyota Uhura (Star Trek), Jaylah (Star Trek)/Rey (Star Wars), Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek)/Leia Organa (Star Wars))

Likes: celebratory sex, fluff, porn, joyful crying, sports, adventures, plots, shy kisses, secret relationships that get taken public, muscles, women being – not cocky/arrogant but totally secure in their awesomeness, banter, team dynamics, friends-to-lovers, height differences, cultural differences, female strength, mysteries, politics, accidental marriages, diplomacy, sweet romance, sassy romance, deadpan humor, worldbuilding.

Squicks: Cheating, dubcon and noncon, unhappy endings.

Olympics RPF

There are a lot of really cool pairings in this tagset, and I could easily pick way more than the six we’re allowed to. But I’ve eventually got it down to six.

General things: In general, I really like the joy and emotion of competing at your best, winning medals, and sharing really nice sporting moments with your competitors. I’m a sucker for people crying on medal stands, big hugs between medalists, victory laps, valiant failures that tried their best, and huge joyful smiles.

Therefore some of the things I especially like in this fandom are platonic celebrations that lead to non-platonic celebrations (romantic, sexual, both, it’s all good), shy kisses between medalists, hot sex, secret established relationships, butterflies in stomachs, Village shenanigans, flirty conversations in down-time between events, touristy explorations together after one’s own event is over – basically everything that is fluffy and/or sexy and/or funny.

Eliza McCartney/Sandi Morris

One of my noms! Eliza and Sandi are the bronze and silver medalists from the pole vault. They are both super cute, and seem super sweet. Eliza is 19 and from New Zealand, and she couldn’t stop smiling – ever. She has super long hair and whenever she cleared the bar I was always afraid her long ponytail, whipping around behind her, would catch the bar and knock it down! (But it never did.) She seemed super surprised to get a medal but very, very happy. Meanwhile Sandi just turned 24 and is American. She almost got the gold medal – she cleared the same height as the gold medalist, Ekaterini Stefanidi, but had more misses so lost the tiebreaker. I really like her because when it was down to just her and Ekaterini, she was leading the crowd to applaud and support Ekaterini on her tries. I thought that showed lots of sporting character. And she and Ekaterini shared a really lovely hug afterwards. (I almost nommed her and Ekaterini, actually! If you wanted to write Eliza/Sandi/Ekaterini, I would be totally up for that too. All the medalist flirting/orgies/etc.!)

Jessica Ennis-Hill/Nafissatou Thiam

Another one of my noms! London champion and Rio champion in the heptathlon! They both seem seriously lovely and are crazy kickass of course. Heptathlon is so hard in both endurance and breadth. I would love to see Jessica welcoming Nafi into the “Olympic champions” club, either sweetly or sexily or both. One approach that would be cool would maybe to have one of them crushing on the other during the competition but trying not to get distracted, and wondering if the other is trying to distract them on purpose? Or maybe Nafi has always looked up to Jessica because of London and now she has the courage to claim a kiss? So many ways to go.

(Jessica is married and a mum. I’m fine with either keeping that – and the text just assuming she has an open marriage and it’s all aboveboard – or going AU and having her be single. I’m not into angsty cheating plots.)

Nia Ali/Kristi Castlin/Brianna Rollins

First-ever American medal sweep of a women’s track-and-field event! (100m hurdles)

Here I’m all about the celebrations. :) Whether that’s the three of them falling into bed together with their medals around their necks, or trading shy fizzy-excited kisses, or two of them being in an established relationship and seducing the third after the race to celebrate – whatever you like is great. The more joy and fun and burning-off-excess-adrenaline the better. I’m good with all ratings of celebrations, whatever fits your comfort level.

Katie Ledecky/Simone Manuel

They’re both Stanford girls! (Simone is a rising junior, I think, and Katie is a freshman who took a gap year.) Obviously Simone needs to show Katie the ropes…. ;) They were canonically roommates in Rio, so that is a great start too!

One dynamic I think would be fun would be if Simone feels like Katie’s a kid, and Katie takes that as a challenge and tries to show her that she’s Totally Not. I’m also totally cool with pining (hopefully that resolves with a happy ending!), flirting, banter, other swimmers trying to set them up, celebratory sex, will-they-or-won’t-they, roommate shenanigans that turn into more, friends-to-lovers, teammate dynamics, sex that starts out as NSA but grows feelings, and lots more really. Anything that’s fluffy, funny, sexy, and/or sweet is going to score with me.

Simone Biles/Gabby Douglas

Okay, so, I’d love an epic love story for these two. <3 Totally okay to have some angst on Gabby’s side because Simone eclipses her in the sport, but only if there’s a happy ending. ;) I want them to be happy and fluffy and completely awesome always. (And/or have hot hot sex. Both work.)

But if that’s not your jam, I also totally like the “celebrations after medal podiums!” angle that you may have seen developing in the earlier sections, haha. They win gold again! (Simone wins many golds!) How do they celebrate? ;)

One dynamic I love is coming-out stories, so I think it would be great to read about how they come out. Is it totally a “by the way” thing? Does Gabby kiss Simone after she wins all-around? Are hosts on a morning show teasing Simone about her crush on Efron and Gabby gets all mock-jealous? So many options.

The only additional note I’d have is that I’m not into pre-18 stuff, so I guess their romance could only really extend back a year or so. Or you could set it as starting at the Olympics, or even in the future. :) Oh, and I love the whole American women’s team, so if you do too feel free to include any of them as background characters.

Simone Biles/Simone Manuel

Whoever thought of this pairing is a genius. Simone^2! I would love to read about them getting together and being awesome together. Who makes the first move? How do they end up flirting/falling into bed together/starting dating? What about the height difference? Do they try out each other’s sports (after the Olympics of course!) After their competitions are over do they explore Rio together/go to other events? (Undercover because they are superstars!)

Flirting, romance, banter, sex, kissing, makeouts, pining-that-resolves – I’m good with everything. I think they’d be a lot of fun together. :D

Okay, that section got super-long because there are six different pairings in it. Sorry!



Éowyn/Original Female Character
Éowyn/Lothíriel (Tolkien)

I love Éowyn/Faramir, but I also yearn for AU fic in which she didn’t fall for him, but ended up falling in love with a woman (or female Elf, Dwarf, etc.) That doesn’t have to be during the War or soon afterward; maybe she stays single for a while. Or maybe it does happen in the Houses of Healing. Up to you! How might it happen? How might Éowyn’s life have unfolded, if she fell in love with a Dwarven warrior from the North, or an Elven settler in Legolas’s Ithilien colony, or even a Hobbit maiden? Or does she fall for Lothíriel? (Again, up to you if this is a ‘betrothed to Éomer for reasons of state, but actually ends up falling in love with Éowyn before the wedding’ situation, or if you change it so Lothíriel is unattached.)

I love the idea of Éowyn having adventures with her partner across Middle Earth. But I also like quiet moments and fluff and kisses and all those sorts of things too. :) Cross-cultural experiences are cool too!


Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy Sayers

Harriet Vane/Original Female Character

Harriet is amazing, and although I love her with Peter, I’d also love to read a story about her falling in love with a woman post-Strong Poison. (Sorry Peter.) I wish I had more prompts to give you! I love Harriet as an author (maybe she falls in love with another author?), and as an amateur detective (maybe she in turn comes to the aid of someone falsely accused and ends up in love with her?) But really, I just love Harriet full stop, and I want to read about how you would have her fall in love with a woman. :)


The West Wing

Louise Thornton/OFC
Ronna Beckman/Canonical Unnamed Girlfriend

I want some Santos administration femslash! For West Wing I love workplace romances and shenanigans. This could be either within the Administration, or perhaps Ronna or Louise’s girlfriend works in, say, Congress, or the Supreme Court. Both first-time and established relationship are great. I love banter and saving the day and fighting Republicans and dealing with all the sudden crises that arise, as well as the idealism and drive and belief that animates the show. I also love the team dynamic of the show, so feel free to include other background characters if you want, as long as the nominated ship is at least one of the focuses.


Star Trek: Classic Timeline (All Series)

NB: For these ships (and those in the Crossover section), I'm totally fine with fic set at different times in the series, as well as canon-divergent AUs. For example, if you wanted to write a canon-divergent AU set early in the first season of Voyager for Janeway/B'Elanna and ignore all the rest of further canon, be my guest. Same for Uhura/Enterprise Crewwoman - whatever time period you want is fine.

Amelia Earhart (ST: Voyager)/Kathryn Janeway
(02x01, “The 37’s”)

Their chemistry was off the charts!! What if Amelia did choose to stay on Voyager? What if she and Janeway fell in love?! Tell me that story. (Temporary roadblocks/scenic route/etc. are fine! Hot sex also fine! Accidental-marriage while on away-mission also fine! Other such tropes also fine! #yougetthepicture)

Kathryn Janeway/B'Elanna Torres

I love this ship. I am cool with it treated entirely fluffily and romantically, and I’m also cool with it being a bit kinky because of the power and age differential (though entirely consensual please!) Sex and romance both are great, any rating. First-time and established relationship are also both great! Plot and fluff are both fantastic!

Nyota Uhura/Enterprise Crewwoman

I adore Nichelle Nichols’ portrayal of Uhura especially, and I would love to see a story in which she is uncomplicatedly in love with an Enterprise crewwoman. Of course, being uncomplicatedly in love does not mean their life is uncomplicated – they live on the Enterprise after all! What kind of adventures might they have together? What kind of diplomatic snafus do they have to escape together? How many times do they get accidentally married on alien planets, or rescue Kirk from disaster, or get caught sneaking kisses in the corridor? Etc. :D


Crossovers – Fandom

C.J. Cregg (West Wing)/Leia Organa (Star Wars)

Leia Organa is a young*, feisty Senator who tries to take on the world and make impossible things happen. She’s also a bit of a thorn in C.J.’s side, and far too skilled at publicity for her own good. What happens when C.J.’s latest attempt to prevent Leia from scuppering/hampering the White House’s plans for (insert issue here) turns into flirting?

(And/or what happens if one of C.J.’s coworkers finds out she’s dating outside the executive branch?)

*Obviously “young” is different in our universe than Star Wars, but early-30s is still plenty young! Or tbh “CJ’s age” is still pretty young for a Senator.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)/Nyota Uhura (Star Trek)

Hermione and Nyota falling in love/already in love on the Enterprise. Up to you what Hermione’s position is. If you go Original Series, I think she’d be good in science track under Spock. If you go Alternate, maybe she’s Command? But up to you. See my “Uhura/Enterprise Crewwoman” section for more ideas.

Also up to you would be whether or not magic exists in this universe. If it does that would definitely change some things on the Enterprise!

OR the Enterprise could encounter the Harry Potter version of Earth and somehow Hermione ends up having to come with the Enterprise? Maybe she gets to keep her magic and is the only one with magic? Or maybe she loses her magic and has to learn to adapt? So many options.

Jaylah (Star Trek)/Rey (Star Wars)

I really think these two would work well together. Romance and/or sex are both great. Up to you which universe you put them in together (or if, like in the Hermione section, you work it so both universes exist and there’s crossover in text). Background characters from either universe are welcome; I think they’d have some great reactions to this relationship!

Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek)/Leia Organa (Star Wars)

These two are perfect for each other, I think. Write me a story with the two of them, in either universe (or in a universe that encompasses both), and I’ll love it. Fluffy, slice-of-life, romantic, first-time, friends-to-lovers, banter, pining-that-gets-a-happy-ending, etc. I also think kink might be really fun to read about with these two (SSC please).

(But I do love Han so please no cheating. Either they could be broken-up already, have an open relationship, or never got together in the first place.)

That’s all I have space for! Ack I love all of these fandoms and ships. :D

NB: I was the nominator for “Original Work: Girl #1/Daughter of Girl #1's Family's Mortal Enemies”, which I’ve been talking about with some nonnies on FFA. I’m really sorry but I decided not to request it because I literally spent like an hour trying to decide which one of these fandoms to cut. :’( Next time!!


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